general fishing

general fishing

general fishing

short trips in the river available upon request (4 hours £150 up to 6 and £200 up to 8)

£360 for up to 8 people including squid bait

£50 per person as individuals including squid bait

 'premier trips' for £60 per person i will be offering these 'premier trips' to individuals taking a maximum of 6 people. For those of you would rather pay a bit more and have more room.

gift voucher £60 ideal birthday or Christmas present. 

Entitles the holder to one days general fishing with bait and tackle.

Offshore trips

 Such as tope fishing, bass fishing and offshore cod fishing where we are normally fishing around 30 miles from port.

£480 for the boat maximum 8 people for your comfort

Trips such as drift fishing or wrecking where more fuel is required cost more P.O.A £540 or £90pp as a base rate.

All trips include squid bait, worm can be supplied at extra cost and with prior arrangement.

Tackle supplied at £5 per person.

a normal trip runs for approximately 10 hours and most offshore trips around 12 hours although all trips can be tailored to suit your needs by prior arrangement if you hire the boat.

if you fancy an extended trip then please ask when booking. for a little extra cost trips up to 18 hours available if required.


from november-april fishing trips aboard the 'lady grace' are also available at £20 per hour for up to 4 people minimum 2 hours please view further details on the 'water taxi' pages of the site.

General fishing is mainly uptiding for cod, skate, whiting etc in the winter and for smoothounds, skate, bass etc. in the summer.  First timers and individuals are welcome. A general trip usually runs from 6.30-7am and returns at 4.30-5.30pm. we can also organise evening trips on Friday or Saturday nights from 5.30pm-12.30am at the same prices as above please ask and i will pick a suitable tide.



OFFSHORE BIG COD FISHING (as seen in BFM february 2010)

 fishing weather permitting fishing over 25 miles out for big cod with many double figure fish showing up this can make for some memorable uptide fishing.this is not for the faint hearted or inexperienced and calls for a long day to make the most of the fishing time out there.

tope fishing

tope fishing


tope fishing


We take a maximum of 8 anglers when tope fishing or 6 on a premier tope trip for comfort and have to charge a little more due to the extra distance we often have to travel for the tope as well as the specialist tackle we have for the job.  We advise that  experienced anglers fish for the tope as they can require a bit of skill to catch. The tope season runs from late May to late Jul and can be unpredictable as well as non existent.

bass fishing

bass fishing



bass fishing


We take a maximum of 8 anglers on bass trips or 6 on premier bass trips for space and comfort we charge a little more for this fishing due to the distance we often have to travel and advise that only experience anglers take part in our bass trips as they can require some skill to catch. Lug worm is essential for bait so please order advance if required. Bass trips  are available from May to September.

drift fishing

drift fishing


drift fishing


We take a maximum of six for space and comfort we only take experienced anglers as this requires a bit of skill and experience.  We have to travel a long distance for this fishing so charge more.  We can catch just about anything fishing in this way but our main target is for plaice, turbot , brill, dabs and bass often many other species turn up as well.


Season runs from April to September. 




If the weather is too bad to get offshore we will go inshore if suitable at a general trip rate.

We ask that all anglers who come as individuals to fish one rod only unless the skipper says otherwise to help prevent tangles and help your fellow anglers enjoy their day.


We ask for a deposit  of £25 per person to confirm any bookings for both yourselves and us.


If required we will supply the majority of tackle needed  for the day but if any is broken or lost then we maintain the right to charge for any major losses or breakages.


We also would like to say that the drinking of alcohol is banned and drugs will not be allowed aboard the boat we also take the use of drugs very seriously as your life is our responsibility while you are fishing with us.  



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