Hello and welcome to www.essexseafishing.co.uk.  We have tried to design this site for both those of you who are interested in fishing,bird watching, boat tripping or hire the boat for any reason at all with us and wish to find out more about our services. To keep you coming back with our weekly updates in the news feature and available dates page.  Hopefully you will enjoy our site and  some of the others that i have put on the links page.the 'available dates' page wich shows our availability so to make the booking process quicker and easyer you can choose the date you require and then contact us to book it.

The 'GALLOPER' is one of the five charter boats currently opperating out of West Mersea which has been a popular choice of port for many anglers over the years.  It's easy to see why when there are so many convenient facilities available.  West Mersea is only a 20 minute drive from the A12, the car park will cost you about £3 per day. we also have public toilets beside the carpark.  Also next to the carpark we have a floating pontoon which has recently been renewed and provides easy access to the boat  the majority of the time.  West Mersea is located on the Blackwater Estuary opposite Bradwell and although the estuary itself provides great sport and shelter we are in a prime position to access all of the best marks in and around the Thames Estuary without steaming miles through a restricted speed limit.  We are also lucky that our fishing grounds provide great sport 7 DAYS A WEEK ALL YEAR ROUND from cod in the winter to tope in the summer we have no real dead spells which combined with the large variety of species we can catch makes us very popular with regular anglers that book monthly trips.

My name is Scott Belbin and I operate the 'GALLOPER' from west mersea.

I have fished since I could walk.  I would have started earlier if I had been allowed.  Although I have dabbled at netting, my real passion is for angling.  I enjoy any type of fishing from catching minnows in small steams and brooks to tope in the North Sea.  I was brought up on my dads' charter boats and spent most of my spare time fresh water fishing but prefer sea fishing because theres no telling what will come out next.  I have been taking boats out since I was about 12 years old when my brothers and I bought an Orkney Long Liner.  I soon got hooked on the freedom of the open sea and at the age of 14 my dad let me and one of my best mates, my grandad, take the 'RAZORBILL' out.  As I got more confident the trips got further and I decided that I would like to take my Yacht Masters Offshore Qualification which I did at the age of seventeen.  After that I ran the Razorbill for my dad when he wasnt available which gave me my first taste of being a charter skipper.

In 2007 dad and I bought another boat which we called the 'GALLOPER' and ispent a couple of years running the 'GALLOPER and 'RAZORBILL' for dad.  Until 2009 when Stacey and I took the big step out of the security of dad and bought our own boat, which we have also called the 'GALLOPER'.



Stacey and I have been together since we were 18, although we have known each other for longer.  Stacey has always fished, infact we met through fishing.  Stacey has spent most of her life helping her dad with her sister aboard his gillnetting boats.  This is where she gets her love of the sea from and after spending many years hauling eel-fykes and gillnets and cleaning out and repairing the nets, its easy to see how angling appeals to her.  Stacey had done a little angling with her dad both in the sea and freshwater but has obviously done a lot more since meeting me and is out on our boat whenever she gets the chance.  Stacey is a fully qualified Yacht Masters Offshore skipper and also has her Ocean Masters Theory ticket too! 

 Stacey runs our other boat called the 'Lady Grace' doing harbour trips, bird watching and beginners fishing trips, which details can be viewed under the Water Taxi and Harbour Trips Heading at the top of the page.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors FLADEN who supply us with the hire gear aswell as any other gear we need from fresh water tackle to hermit crab pots.  I have to admit that I have always relied upon much more expensive makes of tackle until a few years ago when I bought a Fladen rod which has done me proud landing double figure cod, smoothound, thornbacks, spurdogs and big bass aswell as many other fish which isn't bad considering it's a Maxximus Jerk, only 7ft in length and a casting weight of 30-70g!  I've also been pleased with the lifespan of the rod when its only intended for pike fishing and has spent over 3 years on a boat without being washed and the eyes are still in great shape!  I've owned and seen many rods from very well known and respected tackle manufacturers that havn't lasted six months in the same condition as my fladen tackle.

Needless to say all of our hire tackle is supplied by fladen and we are very grateful to them for it.

One last thanks is to the team from datapartners for supplying the software for this Website.  I used them for my last Site and would recommend them to anybody.  Their set up is very easy to use.  I created this Website and my last one and if I can work out how to use it im sure any body can.